Cézanne’s Apples

Cézanne’s apples

Eye-shape bowl

ringed dark around the iris

periphery between color and air

Suspended within the apparent ivory-black

flat black bands concentrate roundness

border between light and no light

viridian, carmine, cochineal

cinnabar, miraculous red becomes green

citrine, golden light of powdered gems

cobalt, cerulean, indigo

Paris green, Paris blue

Prussian blue, wanting red, Diesbach made sky

Hooker’s green, for his perfect green leaves

Payne’s gray, less black than black,

precise tints seep through leaking light

Vermeer blue, precious pure ultramarine,

lapis lazuli from Badakshan, blooming with lead

umber, the smell of Italy’s hillsides

sienna, Tuscany’s earth, moved to galleries

lead, life to colors, death to artists

paint  linen  geometry

eyes open to the shape of the world as it may be