In West Virginia red stripes of afternoon

meet the evening over village novas.


Each point in new dark

shines strands of light one to another.


The last of twilight afternoon

glitters on past summer fertility,


ignites geometry of frozen irrigation

circles inside square girdles.


Ponds, still now,

show the last motion of fall.


Towns, hamlets, farms, stars reborn each night


blue and green light

against the newly black sky

and blacker night.


Vivid orange-yellow beacons

brush bold

against the wintering ground


glow white with halogen

some sharp as points

some a little blurred in the center.


Still a trace of red sky beyond the grounded world.



For love of red


Red silk wet on pine needles.

Maple and sumac glimmer red against the road

neither red as the red wool blanket

in my blue room.



Green Bamboo


Imperceptible wind

moves long green bamboo leaves

across old black bark ¾

an inky brush in the Spanish air.


This almost tropical grass

bending to the ground

is cousin to upright bright Korean stalks.


Now in October


ready to give up their green life

for the leafless windy winter.





Coyote families sing to each other in the dusk

sun flares redden mountains

sky blue as lapis lazuli

until moonless black night uncovers stars.




Las familias de coyotes se cantan al anochercer

las llamaradas del sol enrojecen las montañas

ciel azul como lapislázuli

hasta negro – sin luna – descubre las estrellas.


Lapse of memory


Yellowing leaves murmur in the sun

brush the cool autumn dust

in small clouds


forgetful of the humid summer



Las hojas amarillentas murmuran bajo el sol

rozando el polvo fresco del otoño

en nubes diminutas


olvidadizas del verano húmedo



Maple leaf


A maple leaf blazes through the day

and falls to rest

on a stone in the stream


Red twig


Morning fog lifts its wet weight

red twig shines

in remembrance.


Clouds in a prism of urgency

rush to the sea


An insect passes

lost in last summer’s litter.




shapeless quiet slithers over the roof

colors hide

in deepening dusk

rain channels bark


fog shrouds forest mouse

somewhere near           a song