Partita A Trilogy


I           Coffee break


they lean into the space between them

faces illuminated with interest

or pheromones

they leave their coffee to grow cold


he explains

the phenomenological world

materialist dialectics

kama sutra


blind to the world

they take one breath,


then one more


deaf to all but one voice,

bellies, breasts, crotch, hair,


limerance absolute


immeasurable, preposterous, unquenchable appetite

ravenous for bone and skin

avid for muscle, fat, blood

finger pads on webbing of toes

hair against breast, tongue edging earlobe

voice in the valley

notched between the ends of clavicles


the roar of alive


II          Lust


He just wants

dominion over money, mind, body, over piles of flesh

ownership of toes, taste buds, hips

ownership of thought, intention, ambition

piles of stuff no one wants

She holds hurt in her bones,

in mind   in dreams

at the edge of fingernails

scraping the soul

two, cancered with regret

shrunk into a teaspoon of sown salt.


III         Weight


hard tumor of hurt


no need for absolution



no amends

left with fingers

bent backward off open palms,

calloused with unanswered forgiveness