Stone Music


In a pond summer rain is falling.

The black stones, worn smooth in the stream,

click against each other

in our pockets


Z Calligraphy Ike ni Natsu no Ame copy


En un estanque cae la lluvia veraniega


Las piedras negras, lisas en el arroyo,


uno contra el otro,

en nuestros bolsillos



Summer idyll

One note from a child’s flute

Resting on the air

Like a swallow on the porch rail


Rain in Santa Clara


As the wind crosses the mesa

leaves twist silvergreen to greet the rain.


On this hot afternoon all faces turn toward the skyfall

over Santa Clara.


Thunder rolls its baritone song nearby

but not here.


We are left with the sweet smell of ozone and dampness.


Midnight blues


The heat has reawakened

an army of flies.

Unwillingly I stay awake


and see the moon set.





the meadow alight

cicadas brush their wings in desperate lust

a dark-haired girl stops for a moment

listening to the shadows


 June garden


Hardy perennial lilies

do not need lifting.

tall and graceful,

they like the sun.

They are dependable year after year.


Peonies are slow to take hold

but once established

live in their beds

for centuries.


Iris quite quickly

have great masses of beauty

but must be uprooted from time to time

or die of exuberance.



Humid night air


At this hour, before sunrise,

empty and without colors,

the invisible grass is touched

only by dew

Húmedo aire nocturno


En la hora antes del alba

vacía y sin colores

la hierba invisible

es tocada

sólo por el rocio


Flat air


The flat air,

white in the heat,

holds immobile

the weight of this afternoon.


The sun has captured the whole world

in its net of red light.

El aire blanco

El aire sin dimensión,

blanco en el calor,

tiene inmóvil

el peso de esta tarde


El sol ha capturado el mundo entero

en su red de luz roja.




Shy rain in the sky

falling toward us


darkening the dusty day




Lluvia tímida en el cielo

cae hacia nosotros


oscureciendo el día polvoroso


Full moon



Last night

a bird crossed in the path of moonlight.

The shadow ran over the white wall

and was lost in the window.