Waiting: Fall

Waiting: Fall


For Love of Red


Red silk wet on pine needles.

Maple and sumac glimmer red against the road

neither red as the red wool blanket

in my blue room.



Coyote families sing to each other in the dusk

sun flares redden mountains

sky blue as lapis lazuli

until moonless black night uncovers stars.





Cold Blue



blue scraps of sky

crack out clouds


dull winter ground

rigid brown



snow we’ve longed for




clouds bank black against less black mountains

flying snow crosses dusky sun

fractured into winter rainbow


Red Twig


Morning fog lifts its wet weight

red twig shines

in remembrance.


Clouds in a prism of urgency

rush to the sea


An insect passes

lost in last summer’s litter.


night draws each body

over moonless horizon


Jupiter rises

stars overwhelmed

orbit toward dawn








shapeless quiet slides over the roof

colors hide

in deepening dusk

rain channels bark


fog drips on a forest mouse

somewhere near      a song